Gezi gelen Limon
We have selected the most popular and evocative images of the #occupygezi coverage and removed all the protagonists.

We have removed the direct violence, as if to remove evidence. Only clues are left. The images have the same aura and atmosphere as the originals, although they were extremely manipulated in most cases.

The edited images will be fed directly into the live stream of the #occupygezi movement to interact with the real events.

It's about to simply and quickly make something disappear, to generate its own aesthetic. It creates a creepy atmosphere, you feel that something is missing. Either one knows the real images and remembers or the gap must be filled by your imagination. Free interpretation makes the images more powerful, stronger and more intense. Perfect Fake may not represent the process and are aesthetically simply be equated with a photograph. The images must be clearly manipulated.
Gezi gelen Limon
Occupy Kempinski Exhibition Istanbul / Kempinski sergi istanbul işgal
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